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The end has no end

Today I’m leaving America. A quick breakfast on The Strip, and then it’s time for this chapter to sadly come to close. Continue reading “The end has no end”

Wake me up when it’s all over

Today it’s our last full day here in Vegas and we have tickets to a pool party. I fully intend to spend the day soaking up the sun and, quite frankly, raving my ass off.

We get up early to arrive for the 11am start and wearing my party chic swimsuit (Thankyou Nordstrom!) hop the Deuce bus up the strip to Encore.

It’s a beach club part of the Wyn brand hotel and the queue is already busy when we arrive. After a stricter bag search than you get at the airport (was it really necessary to throw away my sealed mints??) we make our way in.

There’s a central pool surrounded by waterside cabanas, some set further back with private pools, then rooms behind those, and on a balcony above. The DJ stage is in front of the pool and the decks are already on the go.

There’s nowhere per-se to sit on general admission tickets and we certainly didn’t have the 3-10 grand (I know!!) spare it cost to afford a tiny lounging spot, so we pitch up poolside.

We jump in the water as it’s quite hot. Just 44 degrees, no big deal. We jam to the warm up DJ’s and it’s getting even hotter.

There’s no shade so we stay in the pool to ensure we keep cool as it’s a 7 hour party.

The beach club fills up quickly and pretty soon we are surrounded by a variety of guests.

It’s a little like high school cliques and people fall into the various categories: The jocks, The Abercrombie models, definitely The Plastics, and well, us.

Fortunately, we make friends with some fellow cool girls and a few guys with a cabana and chat and drink and dance together which is fun, our stuff stored handily on their poolside bed.

Water here costs a mere 11 bucks so we switch to beer as it makes more sense economically, however it goes against everything our parents taught us about not drinking and hanging out in the sun all day. Oh well.

The combination is getting us more laced than normal and we’re having a raucous time.

There’s about 4000 people here and most are posing and trying to get off with each other gypsy grabbing style-it’s something else.

People are dancing and splashing in the pool and climbing all over the cabanas.

The waitresses working the club are gorgeous Victoria’s Secret type babes who serve drinks and cavort around on trolleys spraying champagne on folks, taking turns dressed as sailors to wield birthday cakes for lucky birthday boys.
It’s truly crazy.

Hendrick B is on, and then Avicii takes the decks to cannons firing shiny gold and blue streamers.

The place erupts and we go wild. we all sing along and I’m jumping up and down poolside like a mental patient.

His set is great and I pop my finest dance moves, which are totally awesome, and I think I look the business (Not that my ability to judge this may have been impaired by the sunstroke in any way).

People are diving and splashing about and the cabanas basically get trashed, but it’s so much fun.

The set comes to an end and we wander dazed up the strip, doing some unnecessary shopping before grabbing food to soak up the sun and alcohol.

Back at the hotel we head to the arcades and the outdoor rollercoaster, which the bro says was pretty cool at night, not that I would know as I had my eyes closed screaming all the way round.

We gamble the last of our cash at a blackjack table with friendly fellow gamblers, and even when they take pity on me and throw me some chips, I still lose it all meaning I haven’t had to visit the cashier once this trip. Ahh, them’s the breaks.

When we go to bed I struggle to fall asleep. It’s been a great last day herein Vegas, but I can’t quite believe that tomorrow I will be leaving the USA and heading back to reality. Boy it’s been quite the ride.

A grand day out

It’s pretty hard getting up today when the alarm goes off at 5:30am, but we wait bleary-eyed for our ride out to the airfield whilst the early morning/late night gambling is still going on around us. Continue reading “A grand day out”

Sin City

Today it’s another early start to make the most of our time here in Vegas. Continue reading “Sin City”

It’s a kinda magic

We snooze until mid morning today after our first night in Vegas so by the time we leave to scout out breakfast (or lunch) it’s a scorching 40 degrees here in Paradise. That’s not me calling it that by the way, that’s genuinely the local area name here in Clark County that covers most of the Las Vegas strip and the airport. Continue reading “It’s a kinda magic”

West Side Story

I’m up at the crack of dawn today (well, 7am) in order to get my last internal flight here in America. Continue reading “West Side Story”

The great escape

It’s cold and misty today here in San Fran, which is rather fitting in a way as I’m off to Alcatraz Island (pathetic fallacy-thanks A level English class!). Continue reading “The great escape”

A sweet valley high

Today I’m going to the wine country.

Just up from San Francisco are the beautiful wine valleys of Sonoma and Napa which I will make my home for this afternoon. Continue reading “A sweet valley high”

A bit of a mission

Today I’m starting my day off in The Mission. The area of town once dubbed ‘The New Bohemia’ and home to excellent punk bands such as ‘The Dead Kennedys’, I’ve decided to give it a look in and see what it has to offer in 2015. Continue reading “A bit of a mission”

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