I’m up at the crack of dawn today (well, 7am) in order to get my last internal flight here in America.It takes over an hour to get the train to the airport, and I’m feeling a little angsty, whether it’s my fear of flying returning, or perhaps I’m just a little jittery after happy hour cocktails last night.

I’m leaving California for Nevada this morning, and it’s a mixture of sadness and happiness for me. Cali has been my home for the last two weeks and three days, and I’ve had an amazing adventure exploring everything the West Coast has had to offer. I’ll be sad to say my farewell.

I’m excited too though, as I get to see my little bro, who is flying the long ten hour flight out to share the experience of Las Vegas with me.

He is also charged with making sure I get the plane home to England, as currently there’s a 50/50 chance I won’t be boarding, as i’m not quite ready to leave the USA just yet.

I’m on the home stretch here, and the adrenaline is pumping, but I don’t want to hit that home run.

It’s a quick flight for me and I arrive just before the international flight, and meet my bro as he comes through customs. I must say he’s looking fairly fresh considering the long trip, and full of smiles, we jump a cab down the strip to our hotel.

We are staying in ‘New York New York’ and are greeted by The Empire State and Chrysler buildings; as well as a rollercoaster on the rooftop. Obviously. (Who doesn’t have a rollercoaster in their hotel??).

We drop out things on the 28th floor and decide to jaunt along the strip, walking in the 40 degree heat.

It’s crazy, and we spy Paris up ahead with a large Eiffel Tower, and everywhere there’s neon lights. The hotels here are huge and like nothing I’ve ever seen. We grab a quick lunch then come back for an evening swim, the screams of roller coaster patrons above us as we paddle.

We change and venture out again in search of cheap alcohol. I’ve heard about dollar beers up at Casino Royale, so we make our way up there.

The strip is teeming and it’s overloading all my senses, so I don’t know where to look first.

We make it to the huge Bellagio where there’s giant flowers sculptures coming out of the ceiling of the lobby, and an underwater themed garden area with giant sea horses, treasure chests and a turtle; a cross between pirates of the caribbean and the little mermaid.

The Parisienne styled upholstery in the casino remind me of deep southern saloon rooms; la belle époque.

We see the famous fountain show with it’s dancing jets of water perfectly choreographed to musical interludes every half hour. It’s amazing.

A good hour later we arrive at our destination (15 minutes my ass google maps!) for well earned 1 dollar beers. Yesssss.

A little boozy, we take our beers to go (thanks god street drinking is back-I’ve missed you!!) and hit The Mirage, blowing some money on blackjack and roulette before grabbing an 11pm dinner and rolling back down towards the faux Brooklyn Bridge.

Severely exhausted, hot and overwhelmed, we crash out for the night. Toto, we truly ain’t in Cali anymore, and the excess and extreme of Vegas is really something else. It’s like Disneyland for adults and then some.

I’m pretty sure these next few days will break the bank and are going to leave me overdone, but it’s best to go out-not with a fizzle but with a bang- don’t you think?