Today I’m leaving America. A quick breakfast on The Strip, and then it’s time for this chapter to sadly come to close.When thinking what to title my final travel blog, I can tell you, it took some time, as I wanted it to really sum up the culmination of this epic adventure.

I settled (in the end) on an homage to my long time favourite band The Strokes who defined my mid-teenage years; when anything felt obtainable and life was a whole host of exciting possibilities laid out before me, spanning into infinity.

I picked it because that’s exactly the feeling I’ve recaptured on this voyage i’ve made. This doesn’t feel like the end. My story isn’t done. This book isn’t finished yet. Fairly clichéd I know, but I truly believe it.

I’ve been on a journey which has given me the food for thought, and the chance to develop and flourish in exactly the way that I so badly needed.

I’ve had life changing experiences that I will never forget.

I’ve gotten to know family I never knew I had, seen old friends, and made new ones.

I’ve watched live country music, raw jazz and blues, and epic dance sets.

I’ve seen communities drenched in culture and history, seen great works of art and architecture. I’ve seen both natural and man-made wonders.

I’ve hung with cowboys at rodeos, with politicians in the senate, and with the ghosts of people past at their tomb side.

I’ve swum in oceans, run across sand, been lost in giant cities; been alone in the great beyond.

I’ve had some scary moments, had some hilarious moments. Had some downright awe-inspiring moments.

I’ve walked miles and miles until my feet couldn’t take anymore, and my eyes couldn’t stay open any longer.

And I’ve loved every damn second of it.

I’ve learnt important lessons like the best types of drinks are ones that come in to-go cups with a side of kindness, and the best nights are those that you never could have planned or hoped for, with people it was your destiny to meet.

I’ve also learnt that I am brave, strong, funny, resilient. And that I am loved.

I’m not the same girl who left the UK 7 weeks ago. I’m so much more.

I’m coming home inspired by life rather than bogged down in monotony or fear.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for me, what new tales are waiting to be written. I might learn to fly a plane, or ride a motorcycle, or train as a sniper. I might be a magician, an acrobat. A writer.

That’s the beauty of it you see; I can do anything I want. And I finally really do believe that. This trip has shown me that I can do whatever I put my mind to. In bucket loads.

It’s been one hell of a ride, and to take a lead from the great Frankie-I damn sure did it my way.

I’m returning after 52 days away, full of hope; a rebooted, super-sized, and bettered version of myself.

And quite honestly my dears, why on earth would I want to be anyone else?