Today it’s another early start to make the most of our time here in Vegas.We head back to Paris for a bite of lovely breakfast (although there’s a LOT of sugar going down on my pancakes!) then head out to the firing range.

We have decided to go shooting today, and it’s a desert issue army humvee that rocks up around 1:30pm to pick us up. We ride open topped the ten minute journey just off the strip and arrive at ‘Battlefield Vegas’.

We pick our guns and sign our lives away (you may die, etc, etc) and then take our turn.

Once again the loud noises of the ammunition throw me, and its a whole different ball game being in an indoor range. As it’s not BYO gun, you have a firearms expert with you at all times, even dressed the part in army fatigues and everything.

The handgun we’ve selected is a Sig MK225 Pistol, and man, does it have a kickback! I can hardly keep it level and line up my sights.

I’m shaking way more than I did with my lovely little rifle out in Cali; but I stills manage some centre mass shots; as does the bro-and he has a way steadier hand than me.

We take some photos with the on site tanks and other army vehicles then score a ride back downtown.

Next, we head to The Monte Carlo to meet a friend I made out in Dallas. He’s out here for his birthday and we hang out with him and his crew.

We drink spirits in the mid afternoon heat, which is probably a bad decision; but hey, when in Vegas!! Etc etc.

There’s a DJ set pumping and people are going crazy bouncing up and down in the wave pool.

A little tipsy we head back to change and take the deuce bus up to Circus Circus at the top of the strip.

It has a theme park inside, and we ride rollercoasters time after time in a row and play old school arcade games. It’s completely crazy that this is just one part of a hotel, and not just an attraction in itself. That’s Vegas for you though.

We have a recommendation for the steak house here in Circus Circus, and it really would be a sin not to take advantage of the impressive succulent meats on offer. We order the most gargantuan rib eyes with the bone in and I’m in heaven. Yay!

We head back to New York and tap up Coyote Ugly with the birthday crew and it’s a pretty much just like the film, only a touch more ratchet.

Water flies through the air, girls in cowboy boots twerk, and shots get free-poured into mouths.

We bow out gracefully mid-coyote, as we’re not having too late a night seeing as we are up tomorrow about 5am (eek!) for a day trip.

It’s been such a whirlwind day here in LV, and I’ve loved the craziness and variety of this man-made wonderland for the raved and depraved.

I’m off to sleep soundly, full of meat and liquor, but I’m certainly looking forward to doing it all again over the next few days.