Today I’m exploring the famous sights of Hollywood. The sun is out and I have my oversized sunglasses at the ready, so it’s time to play glamorous tourist.

It really should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me by now, that of course my first stop today is a cemetery.

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is located just off Santa Monica Boulevard, and has lush green grasses surrounded by tall palm trees, fruit trees; as well as wild Peacocks roaming the grounds.

I arrive and it’s only once inside the gates when I turn behind me, that I get my first glimpse of the iconic white ‘Hollywood’ sign high in the hills.

I walk around and see the famous interred-two of The Ramones, Vampira, and Mickey Rooney. There’s also a large proportion of Armenian graves with etched pictures of the deceased, and one mausoleum set in the centre of a lake where Koi Carp swim.

Once I’ve paid my respects, I head up to Griffith Park, past Hollywood Boulevard and The American Film Institute.

Griffith Park is a sprawling 4,310 acre urban park, which also houses The Greek Theatre. I go up to The Observatory where scenes from ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ were filmed; visiting the telescopes and taking in the beautiful views back over the city.

I swing back past Sunset Gower Studios onto North La Brea to Kat Von D’s ‘High Voltage’ tattoo parlour. I’m super excited as I adore ‘LA Ink’, and really had my heart set on getting some work done whilst I’m here.

I’m doing a little internal excited celebratory dance as I chat with Nate, who I normally only see gracing the screens of my TV and Instagram account (it’s bloody Nate Fierro!!).

I ascertain however, in order to keep my piece clean I’d need a good two weeks of not soaking it, which rules out the beach and swimming pools. Hmm. Not ideal being as that is my exact itinerary for the rest of my trip. Merde. Alas, for next time then…at least now my dad won’t murder me I suppose (You did what???).

Excitement over for now, I head back to the Fairfax Farmers’ Market for a late lunch before heading into the heart of the silver screen.

Next up, it’s the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Man’s Chinese Theatre. I take a jaunt down the busy sidewalk and see some of my favourite Stars’ stars-and put my hands in Marilyn Monroe’s prints-a perfect fit.

Men and women dressed as celebs roam the streets hoping for money in exchange for a photo op-and it’s heaving with tourists.

Leaving them to it, I hop back past Hollywood High School into Beverley Hills (that’s 90210 people!!) to Rodeo Drive. The short road between Wiltshire and Sunset, it’s the Champs-Elysées of LA, and a single item in any one of their stores would cost me more than my yearly salary (especially as I’m currently unemployed…).

The sun is nearly setting, so it’s time for a well earned drink and dinner and so off to Los Feliz for Brazilian food.

I’ve enjoyed my day of checking out what Hollywood has to offer, and despite the touristy spots (which let’s be fair, you get in any big city) I have more than enjoyed my time here.

I grab an early night as I have a dawn start driving up the coast tomorrow but I’m definitely a big fan of this larger than life city, home to the stars – and LA will hold a permanent and fond little spot in my heart for sure.