Today it’s misty meaning droplets of water are blowing in from the ocean. It’s not really raining, because it doesn’t, but everywhere the streets are wet.

I grab coffee and smoked salmon toast, then leave Venice behind me, heading out to The Getty Centre in the rolling hills of Brentwood.

The Getty centre is a free museum set high atop a hillside in an expansive white stone building. It houses magnificent Renaissance art works and sculptures; a garden, and wonderful views over California.

It was built to house the former private collections of J. Paul Getty after it outgrew his home.

I wander the white halls and browse the religious iconography, ancient busts, stained glass windows, furniture, tapestries, and impressionist pieces by the masters.

It’s a lovely building and offers a magnificent vista of the homes and vineyards set back in the mountains, as if I’m looking out on a small Italian village; then I spot the skyscrapers of the city just to remind me it’s LA. Wispy clouds and fog hang low over the tops of the mountains-giving the impression I’m floating in the sky.

Once I’ve consumed all the art, i’m headed to Pasadena. I drive past Eagle rock and enter the quaint district with its Spanish style town hall and lovely restaurants and cafes.

I grab lunch at a great little sushi place where the dishes rotate by on miniature wooden ships floating on the water. I chase it down with pistachio gelato. Heaven.

I’m going from here out to Sunland and the romantically titled ‘Shadow Hills’ where I will be spending the afternoon with a friend’s family. It’s set way back into the mountains and I really feel like I’m heading to the French ski slopes on the drive there.

My friend has a beautiful home and the garden is full of citrus trees-lemons, limes, oranges, apricot and grapefruit. It’s gorgeous.

The family are more than welcoming and a pleasure to be with. We spend the early evening talking, laughing, drinking and devouring giant steaks.

Another friend pops over and we stay up talking until the early hours. By the time I go to bed my stomach aches from laughing, and I have the biggest smile on my face.

I’m loving California, and tomorrow I get to explore even more, leaving the hills behind and heading into the heart of Hollywood.