Coffee. I need coffee. And breakfast. And water, definitely water. My stream of consciousness this morning waking up on my first full day in here in New Orleans following a raucous evening. I head to Horn, a cute little cafe on Touro and acquire myself something called a ‘Jewish Coonass’. It’s a crawfish and latke combo and damn, is it good. A takeout box for leftovers and I head out into the sun.The heat here in the South is dense and oppressive. soon my hair curls with humidity. Rapidly developing a delayed hangover I need to cool off so make the unusual choice of seeking out somewhere to swim.

Since diving in the Mississippi would be akin to taking a swim in the Thames I head to ‘The Country Club’, an over 21’s pool and bar combo. I get in the water and let it wash away last night’s alcohol. The Country Club has an odd clientele and used to be clothing optional until last year. Looking around me however, and I’m rather glad that bathers are now mandatory.

A tattooed woman swims by me underwater with mermaid fin flippers as I float around.

Feeling revived, I’m hungry again. Heading down quiet back streets I hit ‘The Joint’ a wooden BBQ shack with a hefty looking industrial smoker out back. This place doesn’t mess around, and ribs, brisket, with pulled pork and coleslaw is served to me with an icy cold beer.

The meat is so so sweet, if falls apart in my mouth and this is by far the best meal I’ve eaten since I’ve been here in the U.S. At under 15 dollars for the plate, it’s a bargain and the more I consume the happier I get until I’m practically bouncing off my stool.

Wandering across town fully satiated and hair now decidedly looking like that time Monica from Friends went to Barbados, and I need a nap after all the delicious food I’ve eaten today. Food coma indeed.

Around 5 I head back out into the quarter and meander the busy streets checking out vintage stores and cool art galleries, whilst singers perform on the pavements.

I hop into a tiki bar in the CBD for a zombie where all the staff are wearing their best Hawaiian shirts. I then move on to dive bars to try local craft beers tasting of strawberry.

I eat Japanese food where southern Jazz meets the orient in a quirky fusion of live music.

I’m still a little broken after last nights excess, so I end my night at R Bar with more beer and an odd selection of snuff porn films playing on a big screen.

Heading off to bed and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my lazy and unusual day here in NOLA, and I fall asleep dreaming of baby back ribs.